Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A new beginning.

Having just watched a zillion Tyler Perry movies and episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show in preparation for writing a dissertation chapter, I am rewarding myself by writing the first entry of my new blog.

I'm a person who lives for film and media and pop culture.  I'm also a graduate student who teaches about and is writing my dissertation about film and media and pop culture.  To use a dreaded undergraduate paper introduction cliche, these two things are similar, but also different.

When I write about film and media as a graduate student, it all needs to have an organizational structure and an argument.  If I write about three films together in a chapter I need to have a good reason for doing so.  Things need to make sense.  It's terrible.  Alright, it's not really terrible.  However, it is, in some ways, limiting.  As most people who live for pop culture know, the things one loves and puts together in one's love don't necessarily make sense.  Sometimes the only definite link between two films or TV shows or songs or books is the person who loves them.

The other thing about scholarly writing is that it can't (or shouldn't?) be excessively self-indulgent and autobiographical.  And I love being self-indulgent and autobiographical when writing about pop culture, so this blog is my place to do that, and to write about anything else that interests me, and to post a lot of pictures.  I can't promise coherence or organization or sense.  I can promise horror movies and Hollywood movies about feminists.  If you're interested, you're welcome to read.

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