Friday, July 10, 2015

SyFy Network's DARK MATTER recaps

One of my current gigs is writing recaps for the new SyFy Network series Dark Matters. I'm liking the show! You develop a weirdly intense intimacy with a series when you write recaps for it. I was away for a few weeks, so I didn't get to post the first four the day that SyFy posted them. Check them out now! You can also watch episodes of the series at

Episode One Recap
Episode One Photo Recap

Episode Two Recap
Episode Two Photo Recap

Episode Three Recap
Episode Three Photo Recap

Episode Four Recap
Episode Four Photo Recap

Yay! Today's Chiller TV Friday 13 is on a subject that is very close to my heart: Creepy Canadian Classics! I passed my M.A. comprehensive exams question on transnational cinema because of Canadian horror movies, so I am eternally grateful to them. Note that you will not find any David Cronenberg movies or overt masterpieces like the original Prom Night here because I wanted to highlight the beautiful children hiding in the dark corners... Click on the link for more!

Shout! Factory Blog: 7 Smart Women In Prison Films

"Before Orange is the New Black (whose latest season premieres on Netflix today), media dealing with women in prison (WIP) often had a bad reputation. ‘70s and early ‘80s WIP exploitation films like Chained Heat (Paul Nicolas, 1983) were critically panned and described by many as sleazy, seedy, rape-y, off-putting and dumb, although they have their ardent fans. Orange is the New Black took the basic WIP narrative structure (a na├»ve outsider enters a women’s prison and learns how to function there) and made it smart, adding a healthy dose of character development and social commentary. However, it was not the first to do so. Today, we feature six smart WIP films and one TV series to check out when you’re done binge-watching." Click the link for more!

7 Smart Women in Prison Films